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a Shadowman
the Shadowman
There was a flicker of movement in the corner of my eye, something had stirred in the shadows of the hallway.  Something blacker than the unlit corridor.  A silhouette in the umbra.  A shadow within the shadows, formless and lithe and moving on its own power.  I moved, followed it down the walkway and up the stairs.  There, at the end of the hall, the shadow man faced me.
I turned on the balls of my feet, and expertly it matched my movement.  I stalked in, fear pushing me forward in the desperate animal need to destroy all that I don’t understand.  Because I fear what I don’t understand.  And I don’t understand shadow folk tiptoeing around in my house.  I don’t understand why they’re here and fear their dark and willful intentions.  I step in and try to weigh my foe, I try to gauge his fight potential with a skillful glance.  His shoulders are as wide as mine, his legs and arms easily as
:iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 1 3
Mature content
Ain't No Game Intro :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 2 16
Introduction to The Damned City
Intro of "The Damned City"______________________________________ by: John-Reuben A. Milton
You don’t see it.  Do you?  
Your dull human eyes are too blind to see.  You can’t hear it, either.  You can’t hear, because human beings will not hear anything besides the thunder of their own self important thoughts, vague assumptions colliding together within their soft and hollow heads.  
So you are blind and deaf, and reason seems to escape you.  I wonder why God created you.  Why He made you just a little lower than the flying maniacs and their wretched kin?  Humanity runs amuck, killing each other and feeding off of their wanton destruction.  
In their minds, they have killed God.  They have killed Him and eaten His flesh and drank His blood.  They have enslaved his children.  Belittled them and called it righteousness.  Abused them and called it justice.  And their reward for their folly was to destroy
:iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 0 0
I want to stop feeling like I’m supposed to be special.  I want to let go of the notion that I’m born to be some kind of a hero, or some kind of saint.  I ain’t Superman.  I must think that I am, but I’m not, and the proof came flying at me like magic knives floating on a dark breeze.  I dreamed that my sister was in danger.  I dreamed that she was in trouble and -somehow- only I could help her.  She sat with me, asleep in the uncomfortable chair at the foot of the bed, huddled beneath a ragged blanket in that dark and dismal little antiseptic smelling room.  I sat up in my bed, pulled the countless fluid giving -life giving- needles out of my veins and moved to the end of the bed.  I didn’t hear the alarms going off.  I ignored the garish red and orange lights flickering like a bonfire behind me.  I had to save my sister.  I am the only one who can rescue her from the imaginary danger of my weird a
:iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 1 3
Pride Before The Fall
Pride Before The Fall
“It is written, ‘pride comes before the fall.’”  Instructor K’tanga stood at the edge of the pit.  He slid out of his perfectly ironed vestments, revealing a white version of the gray practice robes his students wore.  “Shall I teach you the meaning of humility, young Xian?”
Xian was still smiling thankfully when he said, “If you insist, Brother K’tanga.”
“Brother K’tanga, is it?  Not Teacher.  Not Elder.  Boy, it’s time you learn your place.”
K’tanga fell into the pit and landed skillfully on the balls of his feet.  His movement was superb.  Xian had seen him practice in the quadrangle.  Every technique was sharp and almost mechanically precise.  But they lacked something.  The movements lacked feeling.  There was no art in his movement.  No passion.  He’d mastered the forms of the KunnShah, but he d
:iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 1 0
Mature content
Warlords of Karis: Brothers :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 0 0
Anna Mae's Soul Food Kit
Anna Mae’s Soul Food Kitchen                                   by John-Reuben A. Milton
Proud!?  Damned right I was.  My high I.Q. and creative gifts made me proud.  But they didn’t see that.  No, all they saw -whoever the hell "they" were- was another angry Black man.  All they saw was my ugly plaid shirt and my raggedy tan pants.  All they saw was my broken down brogans and my reckless demeanor.  What they did not see was my portfolio.  What they did not see was the soul of a twenty year old genius; a young Jasper Johns; a modern day Rubens.  I came up the street like a thing of pure rage, a monster only slightly in control of its fury.  No pity for the  poor soul that crossed my path.  
An old man stood in the middle of the sidewalk.  He just stood there, stood right in my path.  He reminded me of my father.  A st
:iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 3 4
Mature content
AfroTechno excerpt... :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 1 11
Mature content
Black Icarus 2 :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 0 17
Mature content
1 And 7 Dreams 'The Truth' :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 0 7
Mature content
Atchafalaya :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 1 26
The Dawn 2 _ a prophecy
She’s sun beams
Wrapped in silken skin
Bound in fine linen
Infectious grinnin’
Nefertiti face atop a
Bubble gum chest
Got sign of twin moons
In the back of the dress
Act like you don’t know
But hell, I checked
Jiggle when she steps
Yet, incredibly fit
Solomon sang songs
But never like this
Proximity close enough
To feel the swell of full hips
Tighten the polarity
To cotton candy lips
And the sharp mind
More than heightens the gift
Intelligent eyes
Glimmer in dark times
Eternally shine
Love rekindled like
Phoenix from the ashes of
Yo yesterday life
Make you wonder if you found your
Make you want to
Re-examine your whole damned life
Beaming from butterscotch skin
Lay aside the linen,
For throaty moans and grinnin’
A Nefertiti
With soul divine
One day she'll be mine
:iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 8 31
Lisa Bonet :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 287 120
Mature content
Test Page for sketch book :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 150 66
Mature content
Right Eye Blind :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 5 16
yin yang :iconthexianraexperience:theXianRAExperience 18 34
pencils, poetry and scripts


Magic The Gathering: Exquisite Archangel :iconcryptcrawler:Cryptcrawler 978 31 Continuous Flow. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 34 19 L'ange sans ses ailes :iconantarcticspring:AntarcticSpring 275 10 A Modal Soul. :iconhybridgothica:hybridgothica 45 19
Many people have asked to view my process through a tutorial or process video. Here is a "speedpaint" of my latest work! I hope you enjoy! :)
:icondavid-dennis:David-Dennis 5 4
Diana and Cheetah pursued :iconliamsharp:LiamSharp 169 8 Dark :iconantarcticspring:AntarcticSpring 522 27 Hijab :iconantarcticspring:AntarcticSpring 389 22
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SUCK! :iconsleepygimp:sleepygimp 925 203
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John Milton
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Skin of choice: the softest, sweetest, butterscotch toffee brown wrapped around a sprinter
Favorite cartoon character: YOU!
Personal Quote: Every wolf suffers fleas; it's easy enough to scratch.





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